Lab party June 22, 2024, Camron’s crib (no pictures of people were taken at this event, the kittens stole the whole show)

CDD Retreat June 21, 2024, Northeastern University

Picture day June 17, 2024 our recently-moved-into lab, Northeastern University

IBNS, June 10-16, 2024 Panama City, Panama

IBANGS, June 3-6, 2024 London, Ontario

GECCRT, May 22-24, 2024 Bethesda, Maryland

Eclipse in Boston, MA April 8, 2024

IBANGS 2022, Memphis, TN May 23-27

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, IBANGS 2022

Central BBQ, IBANGS 2022

Our fearless leader and Dr. David Lisenbardt (Univ of New Mexico)

Action Shot, Jake Beierle, Drs. Megan Mulligan, Abe Palmer, and Paul Meyer

IBANGS 2022. Bryant lab members left-to-right: Kayla Richardson (#2, BU PREP, rising 1st year UNC Biomed PhD program), Katie Sena (#3, ’22, BU Neuroscience), Will Lynch (#5, PhD candidate, GPN), Jake Beierle (#6, PhD candidate, pharm), Kelly Wingfield (#8, PhD candidate, pharm)

IBANGS 2022: Kelly Wingfield (PhD candidate, Pharm), Katie Sena (’22, BU Neuroscience)

IBANGS 2022: Trouble

IBANGS 2022: Bryant Lab

Kelly Wingfield (PhD candidate, Pharm), Kayla Richardson (BU-PREP, incoming UNC PhD student)

The crew at the annual holiday party at Camron’s! (Dec. 2017)

Holiday Party1
Holiday Party2

Diego, Julia, and Kim at Diego’s STaRS poster session


Vivek Philip, Abe Palmer, and Camron anxiously waiting for what ended up being the most delicious chili cheese fries at a bar off of Beale Street in Memphis. CTC 2017

Vivek Philip, Abe Palmer, and Camron

Camron delivers talk on Dr. Goldberg’s thesis at the 2017 Complex Trait Community (CTC) meeting: Systems genetics and rapid fine mapping in a reduced complexity cross identifies Rgs7 and other candidates underlying opioid addiction traits

camron ctc

Dinner at The BBQ Shop in Memphis at 2017 CTC meeting with sci-dad Abe Palmer, Clarissa Parker, Yu-Yu Ren, Alex Gileta, and Amelie Baud

ctc 2017 dinner
neema defense

Join a High-Performing Team at the Forefront of Digital and Global Transformation

Join a High-Performing Team at the Forefront of Digital and Global Transformation