Camron Bryant, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator

Camron D. Bryant completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where he conducted an honors thesis project examining the genetic basis for phenotypic variation in the analgesic properties of acetaminophen (Tylenol®) in mice. Dr. Bryant earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA in 2006 where he focused on signaling mechanisms and Pavlovian-conditioned properties of opioid adaptive behaviors. He completed his positions as a Postdoc and Research Associate in genetics at the University of Chicago (2007-2012) before joining the Department of Pharmacology at Boston University School of Medicine as Assistant Professor in the fall of 2012. Dr. Bryant has received numerous awards including the Achievement Award for College Scientists (ARCS), the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS) Outstanding Young investigator Award for Postdocs, and the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) Travel Award. He serves as an ad hoc reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals in his field including Genes, Brain and Behavior, Psychopharmacology, Drug and Alcohol Dependence and is a Review Editor for Frontiers in Genetics. Dr. Bryant accepted the position at Northeastern University in the summer of 2023 and opened his lab in 2024.

Britahny Baskin, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Brit is a postdoc in the Bryant Lab with over 12 years of experience researching trauma and addiction in rodent models. She graduated from Boston University with a BA in Neuroscience and Psychology and an MA in Psychological and Brain Sciences before earning her PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her thesis work involved collaborating with clinicians to study the behavioral, neurological, and microbiome changes following blast traumatic brain injuries. Her current project focuses on the genetic basis of psychostimulant use disorder with the hope of elucidating novel targets for treatment. Brit has a long history of developing and engaging in neuroscience outreach programs and teaching from an equity lens. She takes great joy in mentoring the next generation of scientists, constantly seeking out opportunities for them to develop their strengths. Outside of the lab, if she isn’t playing with her Frenchie, Yoshi, she is likely watching stand-up comedy, baking, or color-coding her life.

Will Lynch

Graduate Student

Will is a currently a student in Boston University’s Graduate Program for Neuroscience. He previously received a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry. Post-graduation he worked with Dr. Michael Beckstead at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, conducting research assessing neuropeptide modulation of drug addiction associated phenotypes and progressive single cell morphological decline within a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease. Findings from the latter project were featured on the cover Movement Disorders December 2018 edition. While working with Dr. Bryant, Will is investigating by what mechanisms genetic factors can regulate addiction model behaviors in mice across a range of substances. He hopes that validating causal genetics will uncover novel molecular pathways which could be therapeutically leveraged in humans suffering from substance use disorders. Outside of lab Will loves extensively discovering new music to listen to, spending time outdoors to enjoy all nature has to offer, and perhaps committing himself to one too many bits.

Kelly Wingfield

Graduate Student

Kelly Wingfield is a fifth-year Pharmacology Ph.D. candidate at Boston University. Graduating with the highest honors, Kelly earned a BS in Biology from The University at Albany (SUNY) in 2018, where her enthusiasm for research was ignited within a forensic biochemistry lab. Kelly’s research combines behavioral and molecular techniques and machine learning models to investigate negative internal states associated with neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) using a mouse model and evaluate kappa opioid receptor (KOR) antagonists as potential agents for alleviating hyperirritability associated with NOWS. Beyond her scholarly endeavors, Kelly enjoys traveling across the country to see her favorite band (Goose) with friends.

Sophia Miracle

Graduate Student

Sophia Miracle is a PhD student in the Graduate Program of Neuroscience (GPN) at Boston University. She graduated with honors from Canisius University in 2019 with a B.S in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation (ABEC) and Psychology, and with minors in Anthrozoology, Clinical Counseling of Adult Populations, and Neuropsychology. Sophia found a love for Addiction Neuroscience after working in multiple labs focusing on the neural mechanisms of alcohol- and opioid-use disorder, prior to starting her grad school career. In the Bryant Lab, Sophia will explore the genetic component underlying opioid use disorder, with a particular focus on opioid withdrawal. In doing so, she will 1. Identify and localize the effect of brain Zhx2 on the metabolism of oxycodone in CRISPR-mediated mouse strains and 2. Incorporate machine learning methodologies to better understand the mouse behavioral repertoire during both spontaneous and naloxone-precipitated withdrawal. When Sophia is not in the lab, you can find her playing video games, reading, or whipping up a new concoction in the kitchen.

Emma Sandago

Lab Coordinator

Emma was originally hired as a research technician while the lab was at Boston University, but transitioned to lab coordinator when the lab got to Northeastern. She graduated from the University of South Carolina Honors College in December 2022 where she majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Neuroscience. Throughout her undergraduate years, Emma worked with Dr. Ana Pocivavsek studying sleep and cognition and developed her passion for neuroscience research. Emma helps out with all the ongoing research projects while also coordinating the administrative side of the lab. When not at work, Emma can always be found reading a good book (well.. she also listens to a bunch of audiobooks while working too), traveling or planning her next adventure, and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.

Yahia Adla

Research Technician

Yahia has recently graduated from Stetson University with a major in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry. During his undergraduate studies, he worked with Dr. Michael King to investigate the impact of spilanthol on the consumption of NaCl solutions and taste reactivity behaviors. Furthermore, he worked with Dr. Lynn Kee to comprehend the role of the opix gene in the Vanessa Cardui butterfly by using CRISPR technology. He is currently working on the genetic mapping of addiction traits in rats using the reduced complexity cross strategy. Outside the lab, Yahia enjoys hiking, cooking Syrian food, hand-building ceramics, and traveling to new places!

Undergraduate Students

Nina Garbarino, Rhea Rai (BU), Anastasia Rigas (BU), Camily Hildago Goncalves, Morgan Hofmeyer, Ethan Gerhardt (BU, not pictured)

Former Postdocs

R. Keith Babbs (BU)

Former PhD Students

Jacob Beierle (BU 2022), Kristyn Borrelli (BU 2021), Qiu Ruan (BU 2020), Jiayi Wu-Cox (BU 2019), Lisa Goldberg (BU 2017), Neema Yazdani (BU 2017)

Former Lab Managers

Emily Yao (BU 2018-2021), Melanie Chen (BU 2018), Julia Kelliher (BU 2016-2018), Stacey Kirkpatrick (BU 2012-2016)

Former Technicians

Bridgette Reilly (BU 2023, not pictured), Carissa Stots (BU 2022-2023), Hong Seok Choi (BU 2022-2023)

Former Masters Students

Alexander Long (BU)

Previous Rotation Students

Stanley Goldstein (2021, BU Pharm), Chinyere Kemet (2021, BU Pharm), Jenna Libera (2021, BU Pharm), Ana Vitantonio (2020, BU Pharm), Mackenzie Gamble (2020, BU PiBS), Pablo Llevenes (2020, BU Pharm), William Lynch* (2020, BU GPN), Kelly Wingfield* (2020, BU Pharmacology), Lucy Peterson (2019, BU Pharmacology), Kristyn Borrelli* (2017, BU GPN), Jacob Beierle* (2016, BU Pharmacology), Greg Wirak (2017, BU GPN), Lisa Krestge* (2016, BU GPN), Sema Quadir* (2016, BU Pharmacology), Eric Reed (2015, BU Bioinformatics), Qui Ruan* (2015, BU Pharmacology), Samantha Shelton (2015, BU GPN), Cassie Moore (2014, BU GPN), Melissa Mcloed (2013, BU Pharmacology), Amanda Bolgioni (2013, BU Pharmacology).

Former Post-bac Scholars

Kayla Richardson (BU-PREP)

Former Undergraduates and Summer Undergraduate Scholars

Isabel Bojorquez-Emmons (BU), Ava Farnan (BU), Reilly Thompson (BU, NIDA), Megan Quinn (BU), Nalia Abney (BU), Teodora Misic (BU), Carly Mcdermott (BU), Trinity Olander (BU), Kaahini Jain (BU), Rhea Bhandari (BU), Binh-Minh Nguyen (BU), Michelle Roos (BU), Sheilly Patel (BU), Bijou Nsele (BU), Mia Rubman (BU, NIDA), Ida Kazerani (BU, NIDA), Katherine Sena (BU), Alyssa Wong (BU), Catalina Zamorano (BU), Chi-Cheng Wu (BU), Isabella O’Shea (BU), Anyaa Shah (BU), Carly Langan (BU), Julia Scotellaro (BU), McKenzie Griffin (BU), Karen Zheng (BU), Jeya Anandakumar (BU), Fabiola Benitez (BU), Michael Chau (BU), Justin Cheung (BU), Benjamin Chew (BU), Sydney Crotts (BU), Anna Cruz (BU), Timothy Drescher (BU), Kyra Dubinsky (BU), Ashley Feng (BU), Anjali Gondalia (BU), Jenna Grant (BU, NIDA), Olga Lacki (BU), Kelsey Landaverde (BU), Carl Li (BU), Kimberly Luttik (BU, research technician), Wendy Marmol (BU, NIDA), Saihariharan Nedu (BU), Fred Rodriguez (BU), Michelle Sibol (BU), Madeline Simota (BU), Nathaniel Smith (BU), Diego Trujillo (BU, NIDA), Joshua Wortzel (BU), Sarah Zerbi (BU), Allison Zuckerberg (BU), Skyler Kandola (BU, not pictured), Rose Medeiros (BU, not pictured), Kyley St. Hill (BU, not pictured)

Former High School Students

Aditya Anthati (RISE fellow, Summer ’23, South Brunswick High school), Ines Donnelly (RISE fellow, Summer ’23, Bard High School Early College Queens), Gabriel Saaverda (RISE; got into Yale! Congrats, Gabe!)